一一○ 學年度第二學期 日間部研究所 紙本論文膠裝 注意事項

       Notice for paper thesis adhesive binding on the 2nd semester of 110 academic year of R.O.C.

Date: 2022/2/25


Please go check the websitehttps://academic.stust.edu.tw/Sysid/academic/files/DegreeExamination/THESIS%20FORMAT.doc for your thesis paper writing format details.

The topic on your thesis file uploaded to electronic theses and dissertations system must consist with the topic on thesis cover, title, evaluation form and verification certificate. The topic should be confirmed and could not be altered.
 If the committee members ask you to revise your thesis topic, please print out the evaluation form and thesis verification certificate in corrected thesis topic for members scoring and signature.

3.論文及格證明書,論文考試委員簽名處由校內考試委員與校外考試委員簽名,若指導教授為論文考試委員,請於論文考試委員簽名處簽名; 指導教授簽名處若為共同指導,依順位簽名。
Thesis verification form must be completed with the signature of the in-campus committee members and off-campus members. If advisor also the committee member, please sign as the committee member; If there’s co-advisor, please sign in order.

Please confirm the graduation academic year on your thesis authorization of access rights is the 2nd semester of 110 academic year of R.O.C. and sign your name on the agreement. The advisor name on your thesis dissertation copyright license agreement also must consist with the name on thesis cover, title and the electronic theses and dissertations system.

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