Registration Division




Chiung-Mei, Yeh

General Description

  • Registration & Enrollment

  • Examination of Course Selecting Qualification

  • Student Status

  • Grading

  • Student Population Statistics

  • Editing and correcting of academic policies

  • Application Forms for Certificates

  • Recruitment


Wei-Shan, Chang

  • Dept. of Electrical Engineering

  • Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering

  • Dept. of Biotechnology and Food

  • Dept. of Electro-Optical Engineering

Ying-Ying, Lo

  • Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

  • Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering

  • Double-track or Dual System

  • Electronic Business Program

Yu-Ling, Wu

  • Dept. of Electrical Engineering

  • Dept. of Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism Management

  • Dept. of Hospitality Management

Wei-Li(Bonnie), Chan

  • Dept. of International Business

  • Dept. of Finance

  • Dept. of Visual Communication Design

  • Dept. of Popular Music Industry

  • Bachelor Program of International Business

  • Bachelor Program of International Finance


  • Dept. of Information Management

  • Dept. of Information Communication

  • Dept. of Multimedia and Entertainment Science

  • Dept. of Creative Product Design

Wan-Chi, Yang

  • Dept. of Industrial Management and Information

  • Dept. of Business Administration

  • Dept. of Accounting Information

  • Dept. of Marketing and Logistics Management

  • industry-academia cooperation

Feng-Jung, Liu

  • Bachelor Program of Senior Services

  • Dept. of Child Care and Education

  • Dept. of Applied Japanese

  • Dept. of Applied English

  • Dept. of Senior Welfare and Senior Services

Meng-Tsung, Hung

Liang-Chun, Wang

IT Maintenance

Lan-Jiun, Huang

All Graduate Institute Affairs