Degree exam for International Graduate Students

Graduate Degree Examination

  • Graduate students enrolled in and after 2017 must finish the Research Ethics Education Online Program and pass the course final exam, getting the certificate of the Research Ethics Education Center before their graduate degree exam application.
    Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics Education site:
    How to login? please see site document:
  1. System Instruction Guide
    1. Introduction of degree exam online application for graduate students
    2. Printing Scoring Sheets for Thesis Defense and Thesis Verification Form

  2. Timetable
          Graduate students degree examination timetable 

  3. Announcement
    1. Degree examination announce(G1)
    2. Notice for paper thesis adhesive binding(S4)

  4. Library                      
    1. Thesis Format for International Students  (pdf)               
    2. Thesis Delay Release Request Form  (stust_lib(National Central Library
    3. Inserting the Watermark
    4. Upload the thesis PDF file
      STUST Thesis Upload Guideline for Student (Log to
  5. Career Goal Survey 
           STUST Job Survey A(Please go to the Office of International Affairs for assistance)

  6. Forms
    1. Abstract(S1)  (odt)   
    2. Declaration(S2)  (odt
    3. Degree Examination Withdrawal(S3)  (odt)               
    4. Check-Off List(G5)(Master Program English Version) (odt) / (Phd Program English Version) (odt
    5. Letter of Attorney(G7)  (odt)